Gjaltema Group.

Specialised in scaffolding, hydraulic platforms and equipment rental

Over 200 professionals are ready to help you!

The Gjaltema Group consists of multiple companies and branches in the Netherlands and Germany, operating mainly in the Northern European market. For 40 years our clients have chosen Gjaltema for our knowledge, experience and custom solutions.

Investment in long-term relationships

Gjaltema operates on the basis of long-term relationships. Our word is our bond, and any problems are resolved immediately. Our core values in this respect are service, speed and attractive pricing.

Quality and safety

We focus on working safely. Naturally, the companies in the Gjaltema Group meet the highest European safety and quality standards as well as labour guidelines. Our equipment is subject to annual independent assessment and has all applicable certificates.

Operating at a high level

Working at height and working with equipment both require reliable knowledge and skills. So the Gjaltema Group continuously focuses on training, investment and development. So we can safely say: Gjaltema operates at a high level.


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Gjaltema Group

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