Privacy Policy

The Gjaltema Groep, hereinafter Gjaltema, respects the privacy of those who visit its website and ensures that the personal information that is provided is treated in strict confidentiality. Gjaltema is committed to complying with the current legal regulations with respect to the protection of personal data. With this privacy policy, Gjaltema wants to clarify what Gjaltema does with personal data.

Personal data

You are free to visit Gjaltema’s website without telling us who you are and without providing us with any personal information. There are, however, situations in which we ask you for personal information. We may, for example, need to correspond with you, process your request for information, or to make you an offer. This is usually done via a form you need to fill in. Gjaltema thus obtains your personal data, such as information about your business, gender, name, address, telephone number, or email address. Gjaltema uses the information it obtains in this way to be able to respond to your request (for correspondence, information, an offer, etc.) and stores it in a data file for internal use. Visitors who indicate this explicitly on the form can be sent an email, be contacted by telephone or be sent information in a different way by Gjaltema.

Gjaltema will never sell or rent your data or make it available in any other way to third parties, apart from third parties that are commissioned to supply the information requested by you or if Gjaltema is legally obliged to do so.

Visitor data

For statistical purposes, visitor data on our website is recorded. Information such as visitor frequency and the average time of a session is used for internal research and for the improvement of the Gjaltema website. This data cannot be traced back to one individual visitor; that is, the identity of our visitors remains unknown. As long as you yourself do not take any action on this, your personal data is not known to us.

At this moment, Gjaltema’s website does not use cookies, apart from the so-called ‘session cookies’ that are used for the above-mentioned statistical purposes and allow your session to be kept on our internet site.

Offers and promotions

If you respond to an offer or promotion, we usually ask for some personal data, such as your name, address, and email address. This data is used to carry out the promotion and to measure responses to it.

Inspection, correction, and amendment of personal data

You do, of course, have the possibility to inspect, amend, or delete your personal data. If you want to make use of this possibility, you can inform us of this via email. We will then reply as quickly as possible to your request to inspect and possibly correct or delete personal data from our database.


Gjaltema’s website contains hyperlinks to other websites. These websites are tested for reliability, but Gjaltema cannot be held liable for the content and privacy aspects of these websites. This privacy policy only applies to Gjaltema’s website


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you may contact the person in charge of privacy at the head office of the Gjaltema Groep:

Gjaltema Groep
Smirnoffstraat 17
9716 JR Groningen
T +31 (0) 85 047 55 70
E privacy@gjaltema.eu
Gjaltema reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time with immediate effect and without prior notification.